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Welcome to the world of the IT Architects!

Let’s now take a look at another group of very important roles that are very influential when it comes to designing a strategy for IT. These are of course the architects. The first thing to note is that the term architect automatically implies technical prowess to the extreme. They are thought of as being at the apex in terms of IT knowledge and will be perceived as being the guiding lights to all who are creating or innovating a new product or process within IT. So this the person developers and network engineers will look up to as a design authority should things get challenging.   The next thing to note is that there are a number of variations of the term architect when it comes to IT. You’ll see terms such as Systems Architect, Java Architect, Web Architect, and Network architect, but within large enterprise architectures you’ll generally find the following three:
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Technical Architect
So what do they all do? What are the tools, technologies and terms related to this area? All this and more in this masterclass.
Section 1Modules
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 3Understanding the different IT Architects
Lecture 4What is an Enterprise Solution Architect?
Lecture 5TOGAF and other frameworks
Lecture 6What to expect on an Architect's CV
Lecture 7Qualifications and Certifications
Lecture 8Interviewing an Architect
Lecture 9Certification

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