InstructorAyub Shaikh
TypeOnline Course
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Welcome to the world of Front End Developers!

This is where programming expertise mixes with artistic design, human-machine interactivity and the complete user experience. Once just the realms of ex-designers who decided to get more techie with Visual Basic, the world of Front End development has come a long way. Here we look at both the web site design tools such as CSS and PHP, but more importantly we being to understand the more technical trends that are in play such as the entire JavaScript paradigm and how your developers use coding libraries and object methodologies. If you are recruiting in this area, dive in!

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Section 1Modules
Lecture 3The three layers of an application
Lecture 4Real-time systems and OS development
Lecture 5Programming the GUI
Lecture 6Front-end tools and data binding
Lecture 7What is an API?
Lecture 8The ever-changing Microsoft API
Lecture 10Developing with Winforms, WPF and WCF
Lecture 11Developing Applications for a Client-Server Network
Lecture 12Understanding Frameworks, libraries and SDKs
Lecture 13Web Development and the rise of SPAs
Lecture 14CSS Cascading Styles Sheets and their use
Lecture 15The rise and rise of JavaScript
Lecture 16Real-time systems and OS development
Lecture 17Where ASP.NET comes in
Lecture 18The beauty of JSON
Lecture 19The rise of Scala
Lecture 20When to use Ruby
Lecture 21Certification following completion of all software modules