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Recruiting Database Specialists Masterclass

60 seconds from now…
   – 220 million more email messages will have been generated worldwide,
   – Google will have received over 4.5 million search queries,
    – 480,000 tweets will have taken place on Twitter,
   –  3 million new items of content will have been posted onto Facebook,
   – 85 hours of new video content will have been uploaded to YouTube
   – 18 million text messages will have been sent worldwide
   – 50,000 apps will have been downloaded by users of Apple devices,
   – WhatsApp users will have shared over 38 million messages and 350,000 photos with each other,
   – 266,000 hours of content will have been viewed on Netflix
   – Amazon will have generated over $83,000 in revenue.
If you’re reading this in any significant period later than 2018, then the figures just mentioned will seem quaint, and possibly already assigned to the misty haze of nostalgia. They will seem insignificant, laughably antiquated, and dwarfed by contemporary standards. For you will very likely be in the era of even higher speed internet, consumer-level AI, machine learning to the masses and Internet Of Things (IoT), when the kettle, toaster, and fridge in your home will conspire along with your car’s satellite navigation system and your store loyalty card to dispense granular level data about who you really are. Data that is overflowing with value to those who will find such minutia of information so very useful. So much so that they will be able to paint the most intricate picture of not just who you are as a demographic, but who you aspire to be in the present and, maybe more disturbingly, who you are so likely to become in the future.
Whether you are recruiting for Oracle or Microsoft specialist, or whether you are trying to understand all the SQL terminology out there, this course is for you. We explain the duties, responsibilities, and skillsets of Database Developers, Administrators, and security consultants.
From Class
Section 1Modules
Lecture 1Introduction to databases
Lecture 4The data business analyst
Lecture 5Data modelling and the data dictionary
Lecture 6Duties of a Data Architect
Lecture 7Duties of a Database Developer
Lecture 8Production and Development DBAs
Lecture 9ACID testing and Capacity Planning
Lecture 10Data Warehouses, Data Lakes and Data Marts
Lecture 11Database security consultants
Lecture 12Recruiting Oracle Database SpecialistsFree Preview
Lecture 13Oracle Hardware Software and Product Range
Lecture 14Oracle Middleware and the Fusion suite
Lecture 15Recruiting Microsoft Database Specialists
Lecture 16MS SQL Server and associated technologies
Lecture 17Getting to grips with Polybase and Stretch technology
Lecture 18Understanding, JSON and Dynamic Data Masking
Lecture 19Microsoft’s use of R Services
Lecture 20Enter MS SSMS,SSDT, SSAS, SSRS and SSIS
Lecture 21The beauty of Model-View-Controller (MVC)
Lecture 22Recruiting NoSQL candidates
Lecture 23Introducing MongoDb, Cassandra, Neo and CouchDB
Lecture 24Questions for clients and candidates
Lecture 25Conclusion
Lecture 26Certification