InstructorAyub Shaikh
TypeOnline Course
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Welcome to the world of DevOps Specialists!

Hello and welcome to the Recruiting DevOps Masterclass.

Now we know the DevOps is becoming such a popular concept within IT recruitment today. Many of your clients are coming over to this way of working after years of using project methodologies. So I want to give you a quick overview as to the key constructs within DevOps.
We’re going to go through all of the fundamental concepts which you should know and the tools and terminology you are going to come across when recruiting DevOps roles. Firstly I’m going to take you through what DevOps is and why the need arose for the whole DevOps movement. We then go on to understand what DevOps actually brings to an IT culture. In this course we then will get quite a detailed grounding on which tools are used in DevOps and how they are applied by someone like a DevOps’s engineer. You’ve undoubtedly seen this role and so it’s really worth making sure that we understand what the duties are and the key skills you should see on their CVs. A really topical masterclass today – so let’s go!

Section 1Modules
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 3Weaknesses of Agile
Lecture 4Enter DevOpsFree Preview
Lecture 6The philosophy of Continuous Development
Lecture 7Planning tools used in DevOps
Lecture 8SCM and Version Control
Lecture 9Understanding Salt and Saltstack
Lecture 11
Lecture 12Enter Jenkins
Lecture 13Why they use JIRA and New Relic
Lecture 14Continuous Integration and Deployment
Lecture 15The beauty of Microservices and Containers
Lecture 16SysAdmin and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
Lecture 17Where Docker and Kubernetes come in
Lecture 18Interviewing a DevOps Engineer
Lecture 19Certification